Condor BirdCondor Aero Club, Inc.

Zelienople Airport (KPJC)
Zelienople, PA

Fall Poker Run, 2008

Over 60 Club Members, EAA Members, airport tenants, and friends participated in this year's Poker run flying 17 airplanes.

The Poker Run is organized each year by Jason, and is a fun day of flying and aviation camaraderie as teams depart Zelienople to make the journey to 4 other airports (New Castle, Greenville, Franklin, and Butler County).  The mission is to pick up a sealed envelope -  containing a playing card - at each airport, in hopes of building the best poker hand, and more importantly, "hangar fly" with the western Pennsylvania aviation community at each stop.

Following the mission, the teams meet at the Condor hangar for dinner, the ceremonial card opening festivities, and, of course, more hangar flying.

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